Quirky Wine Glass Lanyard

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No, this isn’t a joke. It’s brilliant!

Ever try relaxing with a glass of wine only to have your dog jump in your lap? Or realize you never put the dishes in the dishwasher?

This quirky wine glass lanyard holds your wine glass for you so you can multi-task.

Take a peek at these amazing features.

  • Fits almost any wine glass. Because different sizes and shapes shouldn’t be excluded. We want everyone to enjoy this.
  • Lightweight and portable. Just wrap it around your neck and then let it hang there. The lanyard simply snaps into place.
  • Support your wine glass. The straps cradle your glass like a baby. That way it won’t slip and won’t spill… unless you start doing cartwheels!
  • Perfect for parties. We’re betting your friends haven’t seen this before. Get the conversations going with this fun party favor.

Use it to free up your hands or just to get a giggle.

Order your wine glass lanyard now, and go from an over-tasked mess to a lean, mean, multi-tasking machine.

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