Quick-hang Curtain Bracket (2 pcs)

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Hanging curtains isn’t as easy as it sounds. No, really.

Drills, nails, screws, levels… there’s like a zillion tools you need and if you don’t use them all exactly right, you’ve gotta start over.

That means somewhere in your wall is an unnecessary nail hole that will require a very necessary patch. And don’t forget the new nail holes. Or screw holes. Or whatever.

If you bring in a carpenter, they’re gonna see dollar signs all over the place. You don’t need that.

This quick-hang curtain rod bracket takes the hassle out of hanging curtains. No nails, no drills, no fuss.

Um, is this like a fantasy curtain bracket? The kind where wizards or hobbits are gonna go on a quest in search of it?

No, no. We’re talking here in reality. This curtain bracket is as awesome as it sounds.

  • No nails or drills. Sounds impossible, right? Just place your bracket where you want it and tap it into place with a hammer. Poof, you’re done.
  • Universal. Worried your rod won’t fit? Stop that now. This bracket works with all standard sized rods that you get from most stores.
  • Damage-free. It might sound crazy, but this racket isn’t going into your wall, it’s going into your window frame. That means no holes in your wall.
  • Strong. This bracket easily holds up to 20 lbs, so even if your drapes are on the heavy side, they won’t fall.
  • Double set. What good would one bracket be when you’re hanging curtains? We include 2 brackets, one for each side of your window.
  • Save money. No, no, no. You don’t need a carpenter to come in just to hang curtains. Do you know how much that costs? Save yourself the money and DIY.

Get the perfect hang the first time, every time.

Did we mention you’ll never have to break out a level and wait for those little bubbles to get in just the right spot?

These brackets hang off your frame, so they’ll always be level.

Hanging curtains isn’t something you do every day, we know that. But when you do, it’s a freaking pain without the right tools.

Order this quick-hang curtain rod bracket now so you’ll have it when you need it.

That time might not be tomorrow, but it will come. Feel good knowing you’re ready for it.

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