Quick-foaming Toilet & Sink Cleaner

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Gunk. That’s sort of the one-size-fits-all word for that icky stuff that lives in your sinks and toilets and doesn’t want to leave.

That doesn’t mean you want it staying though. You just don’t want to touch it. Or look at it. Or clean it.

We get it. Cleaning is a pain, and whatever you wipe away seems to end up on you.

This foaming cleaner makes cleaning fast, easy, and totally hands-free.

Hands-free? As in we don’t have to touch it?

Yep. And that’s just for starters.

  • Powerful cleaner. Remove stains, calcium, limescale, and rust all with the same cleaner. We’re not saying it’s magic, but how else do you explain it?
  • No scrubbing. Set the powder in your sink, add water, and watch the foam clean everything for you. It’s that easy. Just rinse it off when it’s done.
  • Fast-foaming. As soon as you add water, the foam gets to work. The more bubbles you see, the harder it’s working.
  • Not just for sinks. Use it in your toilet, washing machine, shower, or tub. All those places that desperately need cleaning but you’d rather not touch.
  • Non-toxic. We only used ingredients you can pronounce. Baking soda, citric, acid, activated oxygen, plus a few other key things that bring it all together. None of it will hurt you, your family, or your pipes.

Finally, a cleaner that does all the work for you.

Imagine not having to get on your hands and knees to scrub your tub. And all that elbow grease you use to put into washing floors? A thing of the past.

Order this foaming cleaner today and step into the future. It’s about time you two met up.

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