Mini Electric Screwdriver

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Fix your appliances with least efforts, in lesser time

Our laptop’s being weird. Not sure what happened, but we can hear something rattling around under the keyboard. Time for the electric screwdriver.

Except our screwdriver’s way too bulky for something as delicate as a laptop. But those tiny hand-turned screwdrivers won’t cut it here.

These screws like to stick. They need something with a little oomph to get them out. And not something that’s gonna die after two or three spins.

This mini electric screwdriver is powerful yet gentle, has a long-lasting battery life, and is the size of a pen.

Pretty cool, huh? Check this out.

  • LED lights. The built-in LEDs help you see what you’re doing even in bad light. Just push a button and they come on. Simple.
  • Sleek and slim. Basically, it’s the size of a pen and just as light. Keep it on your desk without it getting in the way. It even looks attractive.
  • 2 power modes. Need to speed things up? Slow them down? No problem. Just click the button and select the speed you need.
  • Super-fast. This actually spins up to 200 rpms. That’s crazy fast, especially for something so small. All the power, none of the bulk.
  • Portable. It’s so light and compact you can literally carry it in your pocket or purse. Keep it in your glovebox if you want, just in case.

Fix small appliances quickly and easily.

Toasters, blenders, and cameras are perfect for this screwdriver. It’ll even get you into laptops and cell phones.

Everyone needs an electric screwdriver once in a while. Order this now and be ready the next time you do.

Anyone can use it, everyone should own it.

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