Power Cleaning Scrub Brush (Set of 3)

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It’s not a crime to hate dirt. In fact, it would be kind of weird if you didn’t.

This power scrubber brush doesn’t just get rid of dirt, it destroys it.

What do you get with this brush set?

  • 3 brush heads, so you can demolish dirt on just about anything.
  • Quick change shafts, so you can switch brushes quickly and easily.

If you’re a power tool kind of guy (or gal) these brushes are right up your alley. They’re the only way to make cleaning fun instead of just another chore.

So what can they do?

  • Deep clean grout lines, faucets, and hard to reach corners. The stiff nylon brushes are up for any challenge you throw their way.
  • Clean inside or outside, because dirt doesn’t discriminate. It goes where it wants. Which means you need to be ready to knock it loose.
  • Make cleaning way faster and easier. Finish in an hour what it would normally take you a day to accomplish.

If you’ve got something that needs cleaning, then you need this brush. Today. Make things easy on yourself by taking the hassle out of housework.

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