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Summer is one of those catch-22s. You want to be out in the sun, but jeez it gets hot.

Who wants to roast like a lobster just to enjoy a day at the beach? Better to hide indoors than burn.

But we found a way to be outside without suffering the sun-induced consequences.

This sunshade beach tent keeps the sun off you so you don’t burn, bake, or end up with heat exhaustion.

It’s soooo much better than an umbrella or hat that never quite manages to keep the sun from turning your face into a beet.

This is a really good idea. Take a peek.

  • Portable. Easily transport this tent anywhere. It’s lightweight, foldable, and even comes with a carry bag.
  • Cup holders. 3 cup holders for your drinks. Keep them from spilling while you’re surfing the waves or running over the sand.
  • Cell phone bag. Hang your cell phone inside the tent so no dirt or sand gets into it. You don’t want those little granules mucking things up.
  • Prevent wrinkles. We all know sun destroys skin. Keeping it off you means stopping wrinkles before they even start.
  • Children. Kids have delicate, sensitive skin that burns even easier than ours. Keep them safe from harmful rays.

Another cool thing? This isn’t just for beaches.

  • Backyard BBQ. Eat burgers and hot dogs without getting overheated.
  • Pool party. Keep the sun off you while enjoying the pool.
  • Outdoor festival. Listen to music and relax without the sun melting you.

Spend time outside without the sun wreaking havoc.

Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean you want to stay indoors. But you need a way to stay cool. This portable tent is it.

The sun isn’t going away any time soon. Order this now and be ready for it.

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