Portable Security Door Lock

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An ultra-strong portable lock to protect your home at its most vulnerable points

The world is an adventure. But sometimes it’s a scary one.

Yeah, we love traveling. What we don’t love are those flimsy locks on most hotel room doors. How is anyone supposed to feel safe with those things?

Turn on the news and you’re practically run over with stories about thieves breaking and entering. And it’s not just hotel rooms, it’s your own home.

Look, it sucks, but it’s true. Better to deal with it now than wait till it’s too late.

But what are you supposed to do? You can install new locks on your own door, but someone else’s? Try it and get slapped with a fine.

That leaves padlocks, and those are notoriously unreliable. The really good ones will break your bank, and the cheap ones won’t even slow a good burglar down.

This security door lock is ultra-strong, easily portable, and protects your home at its most vulnerable points.

Okay, we’ll bite. How is this different from any other lock?

  • It’s not a padlock. This goes on the floor in front of the door inside your home. It jams against the door to stop people from getting in.
  • Ultra-strong. The more pressure applied to your door, the harder the lock digs into your floor. They can bang all they want, they’re not getting in.
  • Portable. It’s about the size of your palm and super easy to carry. Fit it in your purse, suitcase, or even the glove box of your car.
  • Any flooring. This works with any type of flooring. Hardwood, carpet, tile, literally anything. Move it from room to room without having to worry.
  • Affordable. It probably costs more to fill up your gas tank. We gave you all the quality without pinching your wallet.
  • Universal. There’s this adjustable foot at the end of the leg that makes it work with any type of door. Flat, inclined, whatever. This fits without fail.

No tools required.

That’s right. No hammers, screw drivers, not even a wrench. Use it anywhere without putting holes in the door.

That means hotels, dorms, and retirement homes are all back in play. Protect yourself literally anywhere.

Get this security door lock now and protect yourself and your family.

Don’t wait. By the time you realize you need it you might already be too late.

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