Portable Language Translator

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Yada yada yada, jibber jabber, huh?

Is that how your brain interprets foreign languages?

Fair enough. I mean, there’s a whole lot of world out there with a whole lot of languages. We can’t learn them all.

But that shouldn’t stop you from traveling. And now it doesn’t have to.

This portable language translator is seriously fast, crazy accurate, and so easy to use your grandparents could figure it out.

We’re not exaggerating either. It’s got… well, everything.

  • Easy to use. Just press the button, talk into the receiver, and get the translation. It literally takes seconds.
  • 32 languages. Doesn’t matter what continent you’re on, we’ve got you covered. Just pick the language you need that day.
  • Portable. Lightweight and pocket-sized. You can slip it in your purse or just hold it in your hand. It looks like a high-end remote control.
  • Battery life. Recharge your battery at night and you’re good all day. It holds its charge so you’re not constantly hunting for an outlet.
  • Bluetooth. Connect to your smartphone, set up the app, and the entire world is at your fingertips. Go discover it.

Think you can get by in another country without a translator? Think again.

There’s only a bzillion ways a translator could come in handy. Here’s five.

  • Shopping. Want to get taken advantage of? We didn’t think so. You need to ask how much things cost and know what you’re paying.
  • Injured or sick. Whether you break a leg or get the flu, you’re gonna want to know where the hospital is. This translator tells you how to ask.
  • Lost. Took a wrong turn? It happens even in our hometowns. Don’t wander aimlessly for yours, stop and ask directions.
  • Police. Uh-oh. Did someone pick your pocket or did you leave your wallet in the bathroom? Get the cops and let them help you.
  • Time. That tour you’ve spent your life savings on leaves when? Don’t worry, this translator tells you how to ask the time.

Don’t try and guess how to say something, use this translator and know for sure.

Even if the only place you’re going is the next town over, it can come in handy.

Who knows what language might come up in line at the grocery store or walking down the street.

It’s easy to be prepared.

Just push the order button and this pocket translator comes to you. No need to even leave your house.

Not knowing how to communicate is a problem, this translator is the solution.

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