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Uuggh. Can the summer sun actually melt a person, or does it just feel that way?

All those beach parties and outdoor concerts are amazing, but oh my gosh does it get hot.

Not to mention the year-round stuff, like going to the gym. Looking to sweat during a snowstorm? Just do a few laps around the track.

Either way, you’ve got to cool off. Fast. And that modern marvel we call air conditioning isn’t always available.

This is where the portable fan comes in. It sounds crazy. Maybe it is. It’s also pretty freaking brilliant.

A cordless, bladeless fan that delivers cool air with less noise than a traditional fan.

Wait, did you say bladeless?

Yep, it’s the new thing, and it’s awesome.

  • Bladeless. We won’t bore you with technical mumbo jumbo. Suffice it to say, it absorbs air and spits it back out again at high speeds.
  • Safe for kids. No blades means there’s nothing for your kids or pets to get caught up in. Nothing bad can happen, no matter how close they get.
  • 3 speeds. Low, medium, and high. Sounds pretty basic, but just wait till you try it. Our high is enough to power a sailboat.
  • Quiet. Fans are notoriously loud, but without blades spinning around, they’re ultra-quiet. You won’t ever hear it running.
  • Hand-held. Take it anywhere you go. It’s small enough to fit in your purse, and light enough your hand won’t get tired holding it.
  • Cordless. You don’t want wires getting caught up in your arms and hair. This is USB chargeable. Just plug it in, charge it up, and cool down.

Keep cool at work and in your home.

You can’t adjust the office temp, but you can stay cool while you’re at work. Bring this in and use it at your desk without bothering anybody.

Home’s a different story. Different people have different heat tolerances. Hand out fans to your kids while you sit back and enjoy the warmth.

Get one of these bladeless fans today. Got a large family? Get two or three.

It’s not gonna break your bank. It’s just gonna keep you cool and comfortable.

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