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Design: Free Life Barcode

Free Life Barcode
Angel Bear
Flax Color- Plain
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Seasonal clothes are fickle. They’re our friend one minute, our mortal enemy the next.

Think about it. Summer competes with winter, fall competes with spring, and there’s no way they can all share a closet together without going to war. There just isn’t room.

Add a couple of blankets and some coats into the mix, and you’re in deep trouble.

Where are you supposed to put all that stuff?

This portable clothes storage bag holds everything your closet can’t fit and keeps it safe until you need it.

Okay, we like where this is going. So just what can it hold?

  • Shirts. Men’s, women’s, dress, casual. If you’ve got it, this holds it.
  • Coats. Winter, spring, summer, fall… pick a season.
  • Pants. Shorts, jeans, sweatpants, even flannel underwear.
  • Blankets. Quilts, afghans... you know, the things that keep you warm.
  • Anything. Pretty much anything is up for grabs. It even holds towels and bed sheets.

So, we’re into it. Seriously, who couldn’t use more clothes storage?

But there’s a zillion storage bags out there. What makes this one so special?

  • Transparent window. Save yourself some serious headaches. See what’s in the bag without having to open it and pull everything out.
  • Double zippers. Keep dust and pests out. Double zippers ensure the vacuum seal can’t spring a leak. It also makes it easier to open.
  • Eco-friendly. It’s made from bamboo. That means it’s breathable, odor-free, and won’t hurt the environment. That’s 3 awesome things all in a row.
  • Foldable. Don’t need it right now? Just fold it up and tuck it away. It’ll fit under your bed, in your closet, even in a drawer.
  • Space-saver. Make room in your closet for the stuff you’re using now. Out with the old, in with the new, less time spent searching.
  • Completely portable. Double handles make it easy to carry. Move it down to the basement, up to the attic, wherever. It goes where you tell it to.

Keep your things safe and find room you never knew you had.

Just because you’ve got a lot of stuff doesn’t mean you don’t need it. Or want it. Or both.

Order this storage bag today and pack your extra clothes away tomorrow.

More space equals a happier you. We think that's a good thing.

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Free Life Barcode, Angel Bear, Minimal, Flax Color- Plain