Portable Chair Booster

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A lightweight, compact way to lift any dining chair so your kid has no trouble eating.

Kids bring all kinds of joy, and all kinds of problems. The latest one? Booster seats.

On the surface, it sounds like an easy fix. Turns out booster seats are more complicated than you think.

Kids don’t like them, and if they’re not secured right they’ll wiggle themselves right out. That’s at the top of our “we can’t let that happen” list.

Here’s another one. We got to grandma’s the other day and guess what? The booster seat she normally stows away for us was missing.

An hour-long search turned up exactly nothing. The lesson? Never make assumptions. See the booster seat before you believe it’s really there.

We tried carrying one around with us for a while, but big, clunky, and heavy are their defining characteristics. Booster seats just don’t travel well.

But what if it wasn’t a booster seat? What if was a booster lift? As in it lifts the chair from the bottom, and not your baby’s bottom?

This portable chair booster is lightweight, compact, and lifts any dining chair so your kid doesn’t have to eat with their nose touching the table.

Really? That sounds kinda perfect. Tell us some more.

  • Bottoms up. This doesn’t go on the seat, it goes over the legs to lift things from the bottom. Turn short chairs into tall ones in just a few seconds.
  • Foldable. Just push the sides in and fold it up. It’ll fit in your trunk, closet, pretty much anywhere you decide to store it.
  • Snap in place. You don’t need a toolbox to make this work. It snaps onto any chair in a matter of seconds, no tools required.
  • Non-slip. Each foot has a little rubber pad to stop them from skidding. Just because your kid wants to move around doesn’t mean your chair should.
  • Portable. It’s compact and lightweight, that’s the ultimate duo in portability. At less than 4 pounds, you can take it anywhere.
  • Stays attached. Kids have a hard time staying still. This booster attaches to the chair and stays attached, no matter how squirmy they get.

Holds up to 300 pounds.

That’s one big kid or a whole lot of little ones. An adult could use the chair and it would still stand strong.

Get this portable chair booster today and help your kid eat at the dining table instead of three feet below it.

You’ll feel good knowing your kid is happy, and they’ll feel like the adult you’re helping them to become.

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