Camping Fan Light

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Portable fan light that cools you down fast and lights things up!

Oh. My. God. We’re trying not to freak out, but it’s kind of impossible. If you’re an outdoor addict, you’re gonna freak right along with us.

You know all those long nights in hot, humid tents? You’re dying to let in the air, but that means letting the mosquitoes in with it.

So you sweat it out and wait till morning. But then you’re drained. Bad sleep isn’t much better than no sleep.

That ten-mile hike suddenly seems like a punishment instead of a dream.

And if you’re there to fish, good luck. Getting those hooks on when your eyes are drooping is no easy feat.

But you can’t just carry an air conditioner on your outdoor adventure.

Don’t worry, we’ve got something even better.

This portable camping fan light cools you down fast and lights things up even in the pitch dark.

No jokes, no tricks. This fan is all that and more.

  • Long lasting battery. Once it’s charged, this battery lasts up to 50 hours. Use it your entire camping trip without a single recharge.
  • 2-speed fan. Change the temperature in your tent with the push of a button. Just click the speed you want and cool things down fast.
  • Waterproof. A little rain won’t hurt this bad boy. It keeps working whether it’s a few drops or a whole thunderstorm coming down.
  • LED lights. You need to see even in the dark. We included 18 super bright LEDs that light up anything you point them at.
  • More than camping. Got a backyard BBQ coming up? Maybe an outdoor wedding? Keep your guests cool and help them see where they’re going.
  • Lightweight. Don’t worry, this isn’t gonna weigh you down, it’s surprisingly light. Pack it in your bag and you’ll forget it’s there.

Be ready for any emergency.

Get flooded by hurricanes every year? Or maybe you live right in the center of Tornado Alley? Whatever it is, be ready for it.

This portable camping fan light holds up against wind, rain, and anything else you can throw at it. Keep you and your family safe.

Get this now and be ready to face the outdoors tomorrow.

It’s gonna be there for you when everything else fails. That’s enough reason right there to push that order button.

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