Pneumatic Wine Opener

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Cork is one of those things we have a love-hate relationship with.

Like when it’s in the bottle keeping our wine fresh and tasty, we love it. Right?

But then it breaks in half or—our biggest pet peeve—crumbles to pieces, and here comes the hate.

Seriously, who wants crumbled cork all over their tongue?

This pneumatic wine opener changes all that.

Remove corks quickly, easily, and without breaking them.

Sound too good to be true? Get ready to believe.

  • 10 seconds flat. That’s how long it takes to go from corked to cork-less. That’s less time than it probably took to buy the wine.
  • Crazy strong. The needle’s surface is treated with Teflon to ensure strength and minimize corrosion. That means it will last for years.
  • Sturdy. Don’t worry, this isn’t gonna bend or twist the wrong way while you’re pulling the cork out. It stays straight and sturdy.
  • Easy pump. Got a bad wrist? Broken finger? No worries. It doesn’t take a superhero to pump this handle. Anyone can do it.

Okay, so now you get it, right? These things are awesome. But exactly how do they work?

Three easy steps.

  • Pierce. Stick the needle through the cork.
  • Pump. Grab the handle and pump air into the bottle until the cork pops out.
  • Slide. Move the cork off the needle and you’re done.

Banish broken corks from your wine glass forever.

Finally, you won’t have bits and pieces floating around in there, just smooth delicious wine.

Go on and order this. It’s not even a question of want, it’s a question of need.

You need to have good wine, and that means you need to get it out of the bottle. Start with the cork, and the rest will flow. Literally.

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