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Water your plants time to time, even when you're out for vacation

Our fern almost died. It was totally our fault. We went on vacay and forgot to have anyone water it. She pulled through, but it was touch and go there for a while.

Too much water or not enough can send your plant into the danger zone fast. And it’s not just vacations that can put an end to plant life.

Long work hours have a way of sucking your brain cells dry. We forget the little things, like watering our plants. They can’t exactly remind us, after all.

But what are we supposed to do? Stay home 24/7? Not gonna happen. Come on, this is the modern age, there’s gotta be a better way to keep our plants hydrated.  

This plant water funnel is simple to use, easy to install, and automatically waters your plants for up to 15 days.

If you like plants, you’re gonna love this.

  • Adjustable drip. How long will you be gone? Adjust the drip to last from 1 to 15 days, that way your plants never go thirsty.
  • Tool-free installation. Put away that wrench and drill. The only tools you need are an empty bottle and your hands.
  • Easy to use. It’s not complicated. Just glance at the instructions and you’ll figure it out. The whole thing assembles in 5 minutes, if that.
  • Universal. This works with most plastic bottles. Soda, water, tea, you know, the kind of stuff you’ve probably already got at home.
  • Automatic. Once you set it, there’s nothing else to do. The water automatically drips down and waters your plants.

Indoor and outdoor.

Outdoor plants need just as much attention as your indoor ones. Move this water funnel wherever you need it go. A little weather won’t hurt it.

Get this plant water funnel today and never dry out your plants again.

You don’t need a green thumb to make this work, you just need to click the order button.

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