Shape Memory Pig Splat Toy

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Fun, stress relieving toy to keep your kid entertained for hours

We all need more smiles in our day. That goes for adults as much as kids.

Give a kid the right toy and they’ll be happy for hours. The wrong toy and boredom sets in fast. Know what follows? Tearful whining. Bad for them, worse for you.

That’s when the stress starts to pile up. Crying kids on time of long meetings and overtime can wreck a good mood fast.

But we can’t just make our kids stop, and we can’t just tell our boss off no matter how annoying he gets. So we deal with it, and we let the stress continue to pile.

This pig splat toy relieves stress fast and keep your kids entertained for hours.

Forget age, this is the kind of thing everyone loves.

  • Relieve stress. You don’t want to hold onto stress, you want to send it packing. Squeeze, throw, or splat this toy and relieve your tension fast.
  • Strengthen hand muscles. Arthritis bugging you? Squeeze this toy and strengthen your muscles. The stronger you are, the less pain you feel.
  • Portable. Easily fit this in your purse, glove box, or desk drawer. No one even has to know you’ve got it. Use it whenever tension starts up.
  • Soft and squishy. Who wants to squeeze a bag of rocks? This is soft, squishy, and kind of addictive. You won’t want to let go.
  • Kids love it. There’s just something about watching this go splat that makes you want to laugh. Kids aren’t gonna tire of it any time soon.

Non-toxic and totally safe so there's nothing to worry about. Ever.

Don’t worry about your kids touching this. There are no toxins or poisons or anything like that. Hours of splatting won’t make you sick, just make you laugh.

Get this pig splat toy now and make your kids smile.

Even better? Get rid of stress and make yourself smile.

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