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Unbreakable, affordable and automatic toy to keep your pet entertained for hours

We love our pets. That’s kind of a given. The one thing we don’t love? Leaving them alone. Especially when our work days stretch into overtime.

Sure, dogs and cats can get along fine on their own, but that doesn’t mean they like it. Loneliness and boredom go together and can make for one sad puppy.

But those interactive toys pet stores sell are as much as your car payment, and they only work half the time anyway. The last one we got broke in two days. Not fun for us or our pet.

So what do we do? Let our pet feel miserable? No way. That’s not even an option.

This pet motion ball is unbreakable, affordable, and totally automatic.

Take a look. You’re gonna love what you see.

  • Waterproof. So Fido slobbers a little. It’s okay, we love him anyway. This ball won’t get hurt by a little slobber or even a dunk in the water bowl.
  • Durable. Claws and teeth won’t hurt this ball. Let your pet chew, gnaw, and scratch all they want. This ball can’t be destroyed.
  • Automatic. You don’t need to chase it down, that’s your pet’s job. Yours is to turn it on and let it go. It moves all on its own for up to 8 hours.
  • 3 interactive modes. Gentle, normal, and active. Whether your pet’s hyper or a little on the lazy side, they can still have fun with this motion ball.
  • Avoid collisions. This ball knows when it’s about to hit something it shouldn’t, like a table or chair. It turns the other way so it never gets stuck.
  • USB charging. Don’t worry about changing batteries every few weeks. Just plug this into any USB and charge it up fast.
  • Affordable. You probably spend more on coffee each month than you will on this. A one-time investment will bring a lifetime of happiness.

No more boredom or loneliness when you’re not home.

Chances are when you’re gone, your pet’s anxiously waiting your return. Keeping them active is key to stopping their loneliness.

Once this ball gets going, it won’t stop. Your pet can spend their day and hunting it down and batting it around. No more lonely hours, just hours of fun.

We all want our pets to be happy. Order this motion ball today and they will be.

They do a lot for you, this is an easy thing you can do for them.

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