Pet Control Safety Gate

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Size: 110x72cm

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Have you ever found your dog or cat with its nose buried in the garbage? Or fresh drool all over your favorite shoes?

Yep, we thought so. You’ve got a mischief-maker on your hands.

No matter how sweet our furry friends are, chances are there are times when they just can’t stop from getting into things they shouldn’t.

This pet safety gate protects your pets and keeps them from getting into mischief.

This gate has some amazing features.

  • It actually looks good. Unlike most pet gates, ours blends with your room. No thick bars banishing your pet, just an attractive nylon.
  • Scratch-resistant. The hardened nylon that makes up our pet gate won’t scratch or break, so you’ll know Fido can’t get out.
  • Expandable and lightweight. It expands up to 40” so it can fit into any space. And it’s lightweight, which means you can take it anywhere, even vacation.
  • Space saver. Easily store this pet gate when you’re not using it. It closes up so that it can go into your closet or under your bed.

Sometimes our pet's own worst enemy is itself.

Stop them from getting hurt by keeping them out of places they shouldn’t go, especially if you’re not there to supervise.

Order this pet guard gate today, and tomorrow you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your best friend will always be protected.

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