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Harmless device to save yourself from burglars and criminals in unforeseen situation

Umm… walking alone at night? In an unlit parking lot? There’s bad ideas, and then there’s worse ideas. Guess which this is.

But sometimes you can’t help it. What if your car breaks down? Or class runs late? You can’t live your life out of fear, but you can be smart about it.

Whistles don’t work. People hear them and think of gym teachers or traffic cops. That's not gonna help when you’re running for your life.

We tried one of those personal safety devices, but they weighed a ton and cost as much as our car.

Not exactly practical when you’ve got ten blocks to walk and are prone to losing things.

This personal safety keychain is portable, affordable, and ultra-loud.

It’s like having a security guard in your pocket.

  • Crazy loud. This is the kind of high-pitched sound that’s gonna hurt. Turn it on and no one will want to come within a mile of you.
  • Portable. It’s a keychain, you don’t get much more portable than that. Hook on your purse, backpack, or even your belt loops.
  • Pick your color. Just because it’s a safety alarm doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Get your favorite colors and have a little fun with it.
  • Affordable. You know all that money you spend on coffee each month? Skip one or two cups and you’ve paid for this outright.

So easy that anyone can use it.

Just pull the pin and the alarm starts blaring. It won’t stop until you slide it back in.

Students, seniors, kids, women… This is the kind of thing anyone can use and probably should.

Order this personal safety keychain and be ready for anything.

We hope you never need to use it, but hopes and reality are sometimes two different things. Always be prepared.

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