Periodic Table Real Elements Display

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Beautiful and safe way to showcase the elements of periodic table in their natural form.

We’re getting into science geek territory with this, but we wear our geek badges proudly. And so should you.

Let’s put it simply. This periodic table display is freaking awesome.

The number one thing that had us dancing in our lab coats? Real elements.

See, this display isn’t just a science lover’s work of art, it’s got the actual stuff hidden inside it.

Want to know what the 25th element is? Find it on the display and see it in action. There’s a sample right inside the box.

This is kind of… perfect. There, we said it. We’ll say it again too. This periodic table display is perfect.

It’s beautiful, safe to handle, and showcases the real elements in their natural form.

Dig a little deeper and you’re gonna find even more to love.

  • Eye-catching. Set it on your desk and you won’t get any work done. It was made to be beautiful, and you don’t have to love science to see that.
  • Real elements. You don’t have to do an internet search to see what they look like, they’re right there in front of you. How awesome is that?
  • Durable. We’re not saying you should take a hammer to it, but if it scrapes against your desk or the cat knocks it over, it should be just fine.
  • See-through. You can see through it, which means if you want to add a light just behind it, it’ll make the whole thing shine. Pretty cool.
  • Safe to touch. Yes, some elements are toxic. If it’s radioactive, we took it out. Sorry. But most of the others are all here, totally safe contained within their display case.

So unique, you’ll never see another like it.

We dare you to try and find one of these in a big box store. Not gonna happen.

It’s the ultimate gift for science teachers and kids who dream of becoming scientists. Birthdays, anniversaries, whatever. 

Click that order button and put a smile on your science geek’s face today.

And if this is for you? Even better. You probably do a lot for others already, time to do something nice for yourself.

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