Peanut Butter Bathtub Buddy

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Bathe your dog easily by distracting them with their favorite treat

Dogs hate bathes. Too bad there’s no way around them. Let your dog go too long without one and your whole house smells like, well, dog.

Forget the smell for a minute. Let’s talk mud. Our pup loves playing in it. Turn our head for two seconds and they’re covered in the stuff.

And mud carries bacteria along with the mess. We need it off our pup and out of our house. But our dog knows when bath time’s coming, and they’re masters at hiding.

That’s when the real struggle begins. They run, we catch them, they get away. It’s a vicious cycle, and one we could do without.

This peanut butter bathtub buddy keeps your dog calm, distracted, and makes bathing a cinch.

Your dog will be more interested in the peanut butter than in what you're doing.

  • Easy to use. Smear peanut butter or any other spreadable over the bathtub buddy and attach it to the wall. Let your dog lick it up while they're bathing.
  • Calm your dog. Does bath time send your puppy running? Not anymore. Bath time equals treat time. Your dog’s anxieties will vanish with one lick.
  • Toxin-free. No BPAs or phthalates lurking here. This bathtub buddy is totally toxin-free and safe for your pet.
  • Strong suction. Don’t worry if your dog gets overzealous with their peanut butter. The suction cup keeps it attached to the wall and out of the water.
  • Durable. This thing is made to take your dog’s licks, bites, and nibbles. It stays together even if your dog tries to rip it apart.
  • Easy to clean. Silicone is one of those modern marvels that’s easy to clean because nothing sticks to it. Run it under warm water and you’re done.

Easily groom your dog.

This is gonna help with more than just bath time. Think nail trimming, de-shedding, and basically any other type of grooming.

Make things easy on your dog, and even easier on yourself. Order this peanut butter bathtub buddy now.

It’s about time your dog went willingly to the tub, don’t you think?

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