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Screen Size: 84 inch

84 inch
100 inch
120 inch
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Watch your favorite sports team or enjoy HD movies on the big screen!

Ever wanted a home movie theater? Don’t pretend. That’s the kind of thing guys and gals both salivate over.

Face it, screens that size don’t come cheap. And when they do, you can kiss quality goodbye.

Not anymore.

Watch crystal clear images on a picture-perfect screen.

Come in closer and take a peek into fabulous.

  • Easy storage. Hard to believe something so big packs up so small. Take it from movie screen to the size of a folded-up towel and store it anywhere.
  • Wide screen. Don’t cut off part of the picture, watch it in widescreen. This projector screen makes sure you don’t miss anything.
  • Outdoor or indoor. Got a home movie theater in the basement? Awesome. Set this up. Got a big backyard? This works there too.
  • Quick installation. It just takes a few minutes and a teensy bit of elbow grease. A few hooks, some brackets, double-sided tape, and you’re done.
  • Crystal clear images. The screen is super high quality so the pictures always come through clear, bright, and perfect.
  • Wrinkle-free. You don’t want a crease running down the center of your leading man’s face. This stays wrinkle-free and totally smooth.

Seriously, one night out at the movies costs more than this screen.

Here are some great places to put it

  • Between two trees
  • Side of the garage
  • Side of your car (funny but actually makes setup really easy)
  • Side of a fence
  • Hanging from the ceiling of an open patio space
  • Hanging from a pergola

Order this projector screen now and turn your next movie into a luxury experience. You deserve the best, and this is it.


Comes with ropes and hooks, the screen can be easily and quickly installed. - Portable, Lightweight Can be folded, can be washed. Can be ironed - Wide application. An ideal choice for home, conference presentation, outdoor, party, etc. 

See picture below - of what you receive in package


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84 inch, 100 inch, 120 inch