Laundry Dryer Balls (6 pcs)

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Make your clothes soft, dry and wrinkle-free without harming your laundry

Okay, we’ve got no idea what happened, but our jeans came out of the dryer stiff as an ironing board. No joke. It must’ve been the fabric softener—we didn’t use any.

We’ve got good reason though. The last softener we bought had so many chemicals it gave us a rash.

And the one before that just plain didn’t work. Softer, fluffier clothes? Ha! More like wrinkled clothes that laid flat as a pancake.  

We tried those dryer balls, but the noise kept our kids awake. They didn’t work anyway. Maybe it’s time to give up. Clothes just aren’t meant to stay soft.

These wool dryer balls are organic, toxin-free, and naturally make your clothes soft and fluffy.

They’re kind of amazing. Take a look.

  • Chemical-free. We only do all-natural here. None of those icky poisons and chemicals you find in dryer sheets or fabric softeners.
  • Soft and fluffy. Keep your clothes, towels, and blankets as soft and fluffy as they were when you got them.
  • Super quiet. Most dryer balls make a racket. Not these. They’re ultra-quiet so you won’t get a headache washing clothes.
  • Goodbye lint. All those little fuzzies that stick to your sweaters and towels disappear, never to be seen again. They won’t be missed.
  • Organic wool. Wool is like nature’s perfect tool for drying clothes. We keep it organic, no additives, preservatives or anything else.
  • Wrinkle-smoother. Sounds too good to be true, but these dryer balls knock the wrinkles out of your clothes. No more ironing.

Reduce drying time.

Get this, your clothes actually dry faster when you use dryer balls. Who knew? Reduce drying time by up to 30%.

Look, we all wash clothes. There’s no arguing that. How often is up to you, but we’re hoping it’s at least once a week, unless you have a closet the size of Texas.

Order these wool dryer balls now and soften your clothes naturally.

You can’t get out of washing clothes, but you can take away some of the hassle.

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