Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat

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Color: Pink


Size: M (40x30cm)

M (40x30cm)
L (50x40cm)
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Silicone is everywhere. Seriously, you can’t walk into a superstore without silicone baking pans and cake tins lining the shelves.

The thing is… it’s popular for a reason. It works. Actually, strike that. Rephrase. It works really, really well.

And this silicone baking mat is no exception.

Prep, roll, and bake your dough all on the same heat-defying mat.

Are you paying attention? That means you can bake cookies all day and only have to clean up once.

All right, if you’re making a wedding cake, you might not get off quite that easy, but still… this mat can do a lot.

  • Non-stick. Forget about parchment and wax paper. You’ll never need them again if you have this mat. Nothing sticks to it.
  • Heat-resistant. Even when it gets hot, it won’t melt. Bake it, microwave it, whatever. It’s oven and dishwasher safe.
  • Non-slip. Imagine all your dough on the floor because the mat slipped. No thanks. This mat isn’t going anywhere.
  • Freezer safe. Move it from the oven to the freezer without worrying about cracks or splits. This mat loves ice as much as it loves heat.
  • Stores easily. Bend, fold, and flex this mat any way you need it. Stick it in a drawer or set it on top of the fridge. It’s all good.

We’re gonna make this easy. If you bake, then you need this mat.

Roll out dough, bake bread, and cover pies and casseroles with this one perfect piece of silicone magic.

You’re gonna bake anyway. You know you are.

Get this mat now and make things go faster and easier.

Think of it like this—the faster you go, the more you can bake.

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Pink, Blue, Green, Orange


M (40x30cm), L (50x40cm)