No-Tie Shoelaces (14 pcs)

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This is hilarious, but it’s also kind of genius.

No-tie shoelaces.

Brightly colored, individual silicone laces that clasp shut and stay shut.

Ummm…. who needs no-tie laces?

  • Athletes. You don’t want to trip on your laces five yards from the finish line. Kiss first place goodbye and say hello to a mouthful of grass.
  • Kids. Yes, kids need to learn to tie their shoes, but it’s okay for you to take a break from teaching them. Mornings are for tying, afternoons are for mommy’s nap time.
  • Teenagers. They already know how to tie their shoes, but that doesn’t mean they want to. Or maybe they just like funky shoelaces. Let them express themselves.
  • Busy people. Got an office to get to or a bus to catch? Don’t let untied laces slow you down. Just snap and go.
  • Club hoppers. Hit the dance floor without tripping on your dance partner. Have fun instead of falling over your feet.

These are fun laces for fun people. Stiff bureaucrats and tax auditors won’t get it. We’re guessing you do.

But there’s lots of cool bits you might not have thought of.

  • Silicone. That rubbery, stretchy stuff you see in some kitchens nowadays. It’s bendable, easy to clean, and kind of perfect for shoelaces.
  • Easy on, easy off. Don't undo your laces every time you slip your shoes off. The silicone bends, so slide your feet out and be done with it.
  • Universal. Kid, teenager, or adult, it doesn’t matter. These stretchy laces fit over any size shoe. And any style.
  • Water-resistant. Your clothes might get drenched in a rainstorm, but your laces will stay dry. Face those puddles without worry.

Don’t trip on shoelaces ever again.

It’s not silly… well, maybe it’s a little silly. But that doesn’t mean it’s not crazy useful too.

Order these no-tie laces and add a little funk to your steps.

The next time you trip, wait a second… get these laces and there won’t be a next time.

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