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Portable and easy lighting for whenever you need it!

Ouch! That was the desk our toe just smacked while searching for the bathroom. In the dark. At midnight.

A half-hour and two bandages later, and we finally made it back to bed. But now our kid is crying. How long before they learn there’s no such thing as closet monsters?

Seriously, we need darkness to sleep, but does it have to be such a pest?

Yesterday, it took ten minutes to find that glove in the trunk of our car, and it was only late afternoon.

This multipurpose touch lamp is easy to install, even easier to use, and lasts forever.

All right, we’re game. Give us the nitty gritty.

  • 3 light modes. Yellow, blue, or white. Easily switch between colors depending on your mood or what you’re doing.
  • USB charging. Don’t buy new batteries every couple of months. This charges quickly and easily with any USB.
  • Long-lasting. Once it’s charged, it’ll run for 400 minutes continuously without needing a boost. Turn it on and off and it’ll last even longer. 
  • Self-adhesive. Just peel off the back and stick it in place. It’s really that easy. Your kid could probably do it.
  • Portable. Need to move it? Just pull it off and give it a new home. Taking it down won’t hurt your walls or anything else.

Light up any space, at any time.

Your kid’s bedroom, the bathroom, even the trunk of your car. It’s the ultimate portable nightlight.

Got a pet? Light their eating area or litter box during the night. No more accidental spills or messy food bowls.

So many ways to use this, so inexpensive you ought to buy two. Or three.

Just click the order button and let’s make this happen. The faster you get this multipurpose touch lamp, the faster you can start seeing in the dark.

It’s almost like having a superpower.

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