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No, no, no! Darn it, too late. The pot boiled over. Now your stove is a hot mess. Literally.

Hey, it happens to everyone. But that doesn’t mean it has to keep happening.

This silicone lid cover stops spills before they start and keeps your stovetop clean.

So it’s a lid? You’ve already got those.

Hang on. It’s a silicone lid. Not one of those glass or stainless steel numbers you’re probably use to dealing with.

There’s a big difference. Take a look.

  • Microwave safe. Just try microwaving a standard pot lid. You’ll break the microwave and be lucky if you don’t start a fire. But these are totally safe.
  • Non-stick. Even if your sticky rice exploded, it’s not sticking to this lid. All that splattered oil and crusty who-knows-what are things of the past.
  • BPA-free silicone. That means it’s 100% non-toxic and awesome to use when you’re cooking. It’s safe no matter how hot it gets.
  • No odor retention. You know how some kitchen appliances smell like the thing you were cooking even after you wash them? Not gonna happen here.
  • Stops spills. It actually traps excess foam and liquid so there’s no possible way it can spill over onto your stove. Cool, huh?

Know what else is cool?

This lid has multiple uses.

  • Lid. Stop water and food from boiling over.
  • Splatter guard. Don’t let oil or anything else make a mess.
  • Steamer. Set it over a boiling pot, add some veggies, and steam away.

Make cooking easy and mess-free.

It’s not cooking that’s the hard part, it’s the cleanup.

Stopping messes before they happen is like winning half the battle.

Order this lid cover and spill stopper today, and win the battle in your kitchen tomorrow.

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