Garden Kneeler & Seat

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Big smiles, glowing skin, energy for days, or at least until the sun goes down.

Oh come on, we’re talking about gardeners. Professional, amateur, whatever. Spending your days outdoors just gives you that extra oomph so many of us are lacking.

Except of course when your knees start aching and your back cries out in pain. Then it’s goodbye happy gardener, hello “uuuugghh.”

Good luck trimming your flowerbeds when your knees are locked and your back won’t bend. But we can fix that.

This garden kneeler stops muscle strain, holds your tools within easy reach, and keeps gardening enjoyable.

Don’t believe us? Have a look.

  • Save your knees. Don’t kneel on the ground and risk hurting your joints. This kneeler protects your knees and stops pain before it starts.
  • Thick cushion. We’re talking 3/4-inch foam padding. That’s the kind of comfort you need when you’re sitting and kneeling.
  • Comes assembled. Wait, say that again? You heard right. It comes already assembled. Just unfold it and put it to work.
  • Easy to store. Done for the day? It’s lightweight and compact enough it will fit in a corner or on a shelf without any problems.
  • Gardening pouch. Just slip it over the side of your kneeler and keep everything you need within easy reach.
  • Stop back pain. All that bending and standing can work your back a little too hard. Use this kneeler to brace yourself as you go up and down, reducing back strain.

Don’t let aches and pains stop you from tending your garden.

Make things easy on your back and even easier on your knees.

Spend the day trimming, planting, and digging and still walk away feeling refreshed.

Order this now, before you step one more foot in your garden. Your knees will thank you by not hurting at the end of the day.

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