Multipurpose EDC/CCW Waistbag

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Color: Army Green

Army Green
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A durable & waterproof waistbag that holds all your essentials in one place.

The world’s gotten a little nuts. Be ready for it. Carry everything you need wherever you go.

We’re not talking big stuff, we’re talking the little things. You know, the easily overlooked but totally indispensable things.

If it was you alone in the woods with a bear or a crazy person, what would you need to get back out? Thinking multipurpose bag? Not so fast.

Most multipurpose bags suck. There, we said it.

They claim big things but the first time you drop it they break open and your stuff goes spilling. There’s only room for half your stuff anyway, at best.

This multipurpose waistbag is durable, waterproof, and holds all your essentials in one place so you never have to go without.

Hmm… all your essentials? Like what?

  • Phone. Easy in, easy out. Fits almost every smartphone out there.
  • Wallet. IDs and money will always come in handy.
  • Pepper spray. Be ready for every situation.
  • Keys. No matter where you go, you’re not leaving again without these.
  • Pocket knife. It’s one of those little things that does a whole lot.
  • Flashlight. Easily see through the darkness.

Okay, we admit that’s pretty awesome. But we’ve been burned before. You’re gonna have to do better than that.

Fair enough. Check out the nitty gritty.

  • Ultra-durable. We designed this for the great outdoors. Sports, camping, hunting, hiking… It’s made to stand up to the elements.
  • No-stick zipper. Get into your bag without having to wrestle the zipper. This glides open and closed without sticking.
  • Waterproof. Don’t let a little rain send you running indoors. This bag is made to resist water and keep your items dry.
  • Quick-release buckle. Someone manage to grab a hold of you? Don’t panic. Release your waistbag in seconds and get away fast.

One size fits all.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a little bigger or a little smaller, the belt is adjustable. Make it conform to your body, not the other way around.

Order this multipurpose EDC/CCW waistbag now and be ready for anything.

Because you never know what you’re gonna need, or when you’re gonna need it.

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