Chopping Board Basket

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It’s a cutting board. No wait, it’s a strainer. No wait, it’s a cutting board. No wait, it’s a…

Okay, we give up. What the heck is this thing?

It’s kind of everything your kitchen needs packed into one space saving board.

Drain, rinse, and chop your fruits and veggies all on the same board.

Really? You can do that? You can now.

  • Expandable. Start with a chopping board then pull it out to a basket when you’re ready to rinse and drain. It folds back up again when you’re done.
  • Non-toxic. This is strictly food-grade material. That means BPA-free, toxin-free, and completely safe for you and your family.
  • Durable. We made this superhero strong so knives can’t harm it. Chop away as often as you like without hurting your newest kitchen toy.
  • Dishwasher safe. All done? Cool. Make things easy on yourself and stick this in the dishwasher. It won’t melt, it’ll just come out sparkling clean.
  • Anti-slip. Chopping veggies can be dangerous if your board goes sliding. We want your fingers firmly intact, so we made this board anti-slip. Even when it’s wet.

Save space and money.

Don’t spend money on two or three different things when there’s one tool that does the job of them all. This is that tool.

Easily slide it into cabinets or drawers and find extra counterspace you never knew you had.

Order this today, and make tomorrow’s meal prep a whole lot easier.

It might not change your life, but it will change the way you cook.

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