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All right, so here’s the cold, hard truth—we work way too much.

There’s nothing wrong with that really. It means we’re dedicated and responsible.

But sometimes it also means we skip things we shouldn’t. Like lunch. And if we get stuck in our car without a way to work… oh boy. Our nerves start to jangle.

This multipurpose car desk isn’t traditional, it’s just awesome. Eat and work from the comfort of your car anywhere, any time.

Yep, you heard that right. Car. Desk. Want to see how it works?

  • Drink compartment. You don’t want to spill all over your laptop, that’s why we made sure this drink holder is strong and sturdy.
  • 3-in-1. Food tray, desk table, or laptop stand. This reversible rack is whatever you need it to be for as long as you’re in your car.
  • Easy to clean. Don’t worry about a few crumbs. The durable plastic wipes clean and doesn’t stain, so it always looks new.
  • Time-saver. If you’ve got to work during lunch, this is the way to do it. Run to the drive through, get your food, and get to work.
  • Quick installation. It just takes seconds to clip this rack to the steering wheel, which means you can easily transport it from one car to another.

Work from anywhere. Literally.

Maybe you’ve got a road trip in the making. Maybe you just need some alone time during office hours.

If you’ve got to work from your car, you need this car desk holder. Today.

Tomorrow’s work is gonna come no matter what, at least be ready for it.

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