Liquid-activated LED Glass

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Cool and classy just found each other.

Who drinks whiskey out of a coffee mug? If you’re doing that, no judgements, but stop now. No, vodka’s not okay either.

Look, there’s an unspoken rule that high-class drinks call for high-class glassware. Think crystal. The kind of thing you’d find in a celebrity’s home.

Except crystal’s boring. Everyone in the know already has it. We found something different. Something better.

These multicolor LED glasses are fun, elegant, and totally unique.

And they do more than just light up. Check this out.

  • Cordless. You don't want a cord hanging off your glass when drinking whiskey. These are battery operated to keep things easy.
  • Food-safe acrylic. Yep, that’s a thing, and it’s FDA approved. That means no toxins, poisons, or chemicals. Drink without worry.
  • Stronger than glass. It looks like glass, but it won’t break like glass. Don’t try and smash it, but a few nicks or easy drops, and you should be okay.
  • Lightweight. You don’t want to drink whiskey out of something as heavy as a bowling ball. This is super-light and feels good in your hand.
  • Automatic LED. The lights turn on when there’s liquid in the glass and off when it’s empty. That way you never waste power.

These glasses work with any liquid.

Not a drinker? No problem. You can add soda or juice and it still looks classy.

Entertain party guests and jazz up date nights.

Is this a necessity? No. It’s not like food or water. Is it a must-have? That’s a big yes. Especially if you like to smile.

Order this now and level-up your charm.

It’s one of those things that’s gonna add a touch of class to anyone who uses it. That someone might as well be you.

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