Multi-purpose shoe rack

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Multi-purpose bamboo and wood shoe shelf

- Shoe rack acceptance
Multiple Storage Space
Pick up the neatness of the room
- Elegant shoe change
Bamboo frame cushion
The room is elegant and comfortable for changing shoes
- Natural Phyllostachys pubescens
Optimum selection of 5-year-old Phyllostachys pubescens
Bright and moist bamboo stretch

Double-deck accommodation, full-family shoes
Put them neatly, and the shoes don't run around anymore.“
Double-decked shoe rack, about 6-18 pairs of shoes
Include all household shoes, save the space of shoe cabinet

Change your shoes calmly, and go a step further from beauty
You don't have to bend down to change your shoes to get home after a hard day
No need to face shoes flying around
Sit comfortably, change shoes, put them on
Sit still for a while and sort out the mood of returning home
The ideal life should have been so calm.

The cushion is filled with high density sponge.
Low seating feeling and high resilience
The moment you sit down, you feel relaxed

Hiding Storage, Family Beauty
Open the cushion, there's a lot to be done.
Storage space, such as "piano box". Store sundries as you like.
Hide the mess, the elegance and tidiness of the home

Building Elegant Temperament in the Name of Bamboo
The life of reinforced concrete is too long
I don't know when we want to return to the elegance of bamboo
Five-year-old bamboo with color temperature, texture and toughness
Use it to carve furniture, beauty and practicality coexist


Packaging contents

Material: Bamboo and Cloth
Bearing capacity: more than 120 kg

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