Multi Function Universal Wrench Set

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Got a workbench in your basement? A tool chest in your garage?

Don’t deny it, you’re a fix-it guy (or gal). Which means you can never have enough tools, especially when they’re as awesome as this multi-function wrench set.

If you have drawers full of nuts and bolts, then you need something to tighten them with. Well, how about one wrench set that tightens them all?

What makes this wrench set so special?

  • You get two great wrenches for the price of one good one, so you can face any fix-it challenge.
  • The heat-treated chrome surface is hard and durable, meaning it won’t break when you give that bolt an extra turn.
  • Your hands won’t slip on the two-toned anti-skid handle, even if they get sweaty.
  • Goes from 6mm – 15mm, so it can tackle any household job with ease.
  • Works with all systems of measurement, so you can use it anywhere, on anything.

Save yourself the pain and wasted time that comes with using bad tools, and get this awesome wrench set instead.

The next time you tackle a job, you’ll feel like a superhero turning bolts with ease and making screws stay in place.

Remember, tools should work for you, not against you.


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