Multifunction Strainer Basket

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Best. Invention. Ever.

Seriously. You don’t need to be a professional chef to appreciate this. Amateurs, we know you’re out there too. Go ahead and start salivating right… now!

This stainless steel basket has so many functions we stopped counting.

Oh man, you want us to try again? Okay, here we go.

  • Strain. Rinse and drain veggies. It works as a standing or sitting colander.
  • Fry. Potatoes, onions, you name it. This basket’s not afraid of a little heat.
  • Steam. Just invert the basket and you’ve got yourself a steamer.
  • Boil. Cook your pasta and drain it in the same pot.

So, is your mind blown? We thought so. But don’t go anywhere just yet.

There’s some other pretty cool stuff you’ll want to know about.

  • Stay-cool handles. Even when the heat rises in your kitchen, these handles stay cool to the touch. You’ll never get burned.
  • Collapsible. Fold it up and store it away. It actually lies flat so you can fit it into any drawer in your kitchen.
  • Heat-resistant. It won’t melt, tarnish, or break because it’s exposed to heat. That’s what it’s made for.
  • Durable. This thing is built to last. Seriously. Keep it for years without ever seeing a scratch or ding.

Save yourself time and money.

You don’t need four or five different appliances when one item does the job of them all.

And those days of digging through your cupboards searching for that strainer or fry basket? Gone.

Make things easy on yourself and order this multi-function basket now.

You’re gonna have to go into the kitchen some time. You might as well be ready for it.

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