Motion Sensor LED Strip Light

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Color: White

Warm White

Length: 1.5m

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Take a look into a pitch-black room and guess what’s waiting inside.

No, it’s probably not a closet monster. Though honestly, who can tell? Seriously, you can’t see. How are you supposed to know what’s in there?

Or maybe your backyard barbeques get a tad stale as evening hits, and they’re crying out for a little funk. Who can blame them?

This LED strip light jazzes up parties and makes the perfect nightlight so you can always see into dark rooms.

Don’t even try comparing this to a regular old nightlight. This is so not the same thing.

This is better, way better. Just take a look.

  • Motion-activated. You don’t have to turn on a light if you walk into a room. This turns on automatically so you can always see. It even turns back off.
  • Adhesive back. Don’t go searching for screws or nails to attach this. Just peel off the back and stick it in place.
  • No cords. No wires, no cords, no need to hunt down an outlet within reach. This works off batteries, so it can literally go anywhere.
  • Indoor or outdoor. Set one up in your kid’s room and line your deck with another. This strip light is safe even outside.
  • Eco-friendly. It’s built for low power consumption and never gives off heat or radiation. In other words, it makes nice with the environment.

It’s safe to use, easy to install, and will last until the next millennia.

Order these LED strip lights now and closet monsters will have nowhere to hide.

Oh yeah, you’ll also be able to see where you’re going at night. That’s probably a good thing.

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White, Warm White


1.5m, 3m