Anti-mosquito Stickers (60/120 pcs)

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Quantity: 10 Packs (60 patches)

10 Packs (60 patches)
20 Packs (120 patches)
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Oh my gosh. Is that a mosquito? Those little blood suckers are seriously disgusting.

Forget about what they feed on—us—they carry like a bzillion kinds of bacteria and viruses. And those little bumps they give you itch for days.

If you’re allergic, look out. Those little bumps can turn into big red welts and even cause a fever.

Kids, teenagers, adults… no one’s immune. That means we’ve got to watch our backs and keep those suckers away from us.

These all-natural mosquito repellent stickers chase away mosquitoes so they don’t come anywhere near you. Ever.

They’re actually pretty cool. And we tested them out. Guess what? Not one mosquito bite.

  • Toxin-free. There’s certain herbs mosquitoes hate. So we stuck them in our patch. No chemicals, no toxins, just all-natural mosquito-fighting goodness.
  • Sticks to anything. Clothes, backpacks, purses, shoes… wherever you think is gonna help. Just peel off the back and press, it’s that simple.
  • Easily portable. It’s basically a light and compact mosquito repelling sticker. Carry them in your pocket, purse, or wallet.
  • 24-hour protection. Those little blood suckers won’t bother you for up to 24 hours. That means you can sleep outdoors without getting bitten.
  • Resealable pouch. Get this, we’re giving you 10 sheets in a resealable pouch. That’s 60 stickers! And as long as you keep them sealed, they’ll stay fresh.

This is the kind of thing you always want to have on hand, especially during spring and summer.

There’s probably a thousand situations where mosquitoes could ruin your funky good time and these stickers will save you. Here’s five.

  • BBQ. Who doesn’t like summer BBQs? Protect yourself and your guests.
  • Camping. Taking your kids camping? Fun. Keep those people-biters away.
  • Hiking. Trekking through the woods? Tell mosquitoes to stay back.
  • Picnic. Enjoy the food, not the bugs.
  • Fishing. The fishing are biting, but the mosquitoes aren’t.

Easy to use, inexpensive, and chemical-free.

Sounds like a winner. Let’s ding the bell and place an order.

You know those little creatures are flying around, just waiting for you to come outside so they can feast. Don’t give them what they want.

Get these mosquito stickers now and stop hiding. It's way more fun to send them running.

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10 Packs (60 patches), 20 Packs (120 patches)