Monocular 40x60 Powerful Binoculars

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Monocular 40x60 Powerful Binoculars

Get a greater view from afar!

Get a great view from afar with this awesome Binoculars! It has large HD eyepiece and it enhances your vision for better viewing. It has an anti-slip grip to avoid slipping it from your hand while you're enjoying your view.

  • Large eyepiece HD
  • Metal frame
  • Rotary goggles
  • Ultra wide-angle, standard hand size
  • Anti-slip grip
          • Prism material: BAK4
          • Colour: Black
          • Amplification power: 10 times
          • Objective lens diameter: 42 mm
          • Eyepiece diameter: 18 mm
          • Antenna coating: FMC multi-layer enhanced, green film
          • Eyepiece coating: MC green film
          • Size: 49x42x37 cm
          • Net weight: 268 g
          • Package Weight: 380 g
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