Funky Monkey T-shirt

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Oh my monkey business. This is the kind of thing made for people who like to laugh.

You know, the class clown who’s not afraid to burst into song in the middle of a history lesson. Or that uncle who dresses up like Santa at every Christmas party.

Hey, we need people like that in our lives, if only to make sure we remember how to smile.

Or maybe you know someone who’s just into monkeys.

Hint: if they’ve got monkey posters or a bumper sticker that says “I ape around,” it’s probably a good guess that monkeys have made their top ten list.

This funky monkey shirt is loud, cute, and totally hilarious.  

Actually, it’s a really nice shirt, monkey or no monkey. Take a look.

  • Anti-wrinkle. Sit in it, walk around in it, and wash it without worrying about wrinkles setting in. They won’t. It’s wrinkle resistant.
  • Comfortable. It’s lightweight and totally breathable, so you’ll feel good wearing it even on a hot day.
  • Eco-friendly. We use eco-friendly ink. So you can laugh, smile, and enjoy your shirt without hurting the environment.
  • Machine washable. Spill something? No worries. Throw it in the wash and it’ll come out like new again.
  • Perfect fit. Whether you’re a small, medium, large, or beyond, we’ve got the right size for you. The shirt stretches a bit, so you’ll always have a little wiggle room.

Know someone who’s the opposite of loud and funny?

Give a gag gift that earns you some laughs of your own.

It’s the kind of shirt that works for all occasions. Birthdays, retirement parties, whatever.

Okay, maybe don’t wear it to your wedding, that might be taking things too far. But most other times, you’re safe.

If you want more laughs in your life, order this shirt today. The smiles will start rolling in the moment you put it on.

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