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Interactive game set to make learning maths easy and fun for your kid

Kids love games, it's math they hate. Combine the two, and you can trick them into learning. Don’t feel guilty, we all need a little edge. This is a parent’s secret weapon.

Boredom and eye rolls are the first thing you get when you mention math to a kid. Who needs math when you've got video games?

There’s a ton of math “games” out there, but they’re almost as boring as books and lectures.

And the hands-on games break as fast as you get them open. These are kids, remember? They break stuff.

This monkey balance kids math game is interactive, durable, and actually makes learning fun.

Take a look. Your kids won’t know this is educational.

  • Interactive. Kids can hardly sit still, they need something hands-on if you're gonna hold their attention. This is totally interactive. Learn while playing.
  • Counting. Hey, we’ve all gotta start somewhere. Counting is the first step towards teaching your kids more complicated math.
  • Basic math. Master addition and subtraction, and calculus is next. Okay,  not next, but you know what we mean. Start with the basics, go from there.
  • Cute design. Did you see this thing? It’s freaking adorable. Your kids are gonna think so too. Who doesn’t love a cute animal?
  • Family fun. Got more than one kid? Awesome. They can play together. This is the kind of game that’s family-friendly.

Built to last.

We made this with kids in mind. They can knock it over or throw it around, and it won’t crumble to pieces in the first few hours.

Order this monkey balance math game today, and give your kids a head start in life.

The more they learn now, the more willing they’ll be to learn later.

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