Mini Watch UAV HD Aerial Shot Folding Remote Control

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Mini Watch UAV HD Aerial Shot Folding Remote Control

HD picture transmission and watch in real time!

Functions: forward, backward, left, right, left and right side flight, 360-degree rotation¡¤ tumbling, headless mode, one-step return, fast 3-gear debugging gravity sensing flight.

Pressure setting system: The air pressure is used to calculate the hover position. It has more stable control performance, which makes it easy for beginners to control. When the rocker is released, the aircraft can automatically hover to meet the requirements of single-hand beam control.

The new experience starts at the wrist: Subversive industrial design, simple portable cool watch detector to dazzle the stunning sci-fi sense of modeling, making extraordinary visionEnjoy, HD picture transmission and watch in real time.

The image is clearer when shooting at a fixed height: Imaging higher resolution, your intelligent accompanying photographer
    • Color: Picture Color.
    • Size: 15 x 10 x 7 cm.
    • Material: High quality plastics.

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Mini Drone.
    • 1 x Controller watch.
    • 1 x Fixed the lid.
    • 4 x Spare flight vane.
    • 4 x Protective frame.
    • 1 x USB charging line.
    • 1 x Change the tool.
    • 1 x Mobile phone stents.

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