Foot Massage Slippers

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Color: Black-Brown


Shoe Size (EU): 38.5

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These slippers look a little weird, but they’re freaking amazing. We’re talking better than chocolate, and we don’t say that lightly.

Look, everyone gets tired and achy feet.

Standing up all day at work hurts. Even something more fun, like working out, can leave your feet sore.

These massage slippers use pressure points to relieve foot pain, energize tired feet, and give your entire body a big dose of comfort.

  • Adjustable. The Velcro straps are entirely adjustable, so you always get the right fit for your foot.
  • Silicone. It’s flexible, comfortable, and easy to clean. That’s kind of everything you want in a slipper.
  • Pressure relief. We’ve got a couple dozen massagers embedded over pressure points to relieve pain and help your whole body feel good.
  • Thick sole. The thicker your sole, the comfier your shoes. Ours is thick enough that you can walk over rocks and pebbles without feeling them.
  • Trigger points. Reduce headaches, back aches, and all-over body pain with a foot massage that uses pressure points to destroy muscle tension.
  • 180-degree rotation. See all those weird little push pin things popping up from the slippers? They rotate. That means they move with your foot so you get perfect pressure relief.

Feet get tired and achy, but they don’t have to stay that way.

Feel better fast and get back on your feet even faster.

Order these massage slippers today and help your entire body feel better tomorrow.

If you treat your feet right, they’ll treat you right.

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Black-Brown, Black-White

Shoe Size (EU)

38.5, 40.5, 42.5, 44.5