Magnetic Ring Carbon Fiber iPhone Case

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iPhone Model: iPhone 6 or 6S

iPhone 6 or 6S
iPhone 6 Plus or 6S Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 8
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone X
iphone XR
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max

Color: Black

Silver black
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Do you love your iPhone?

Trick question! Of course you do. Why else would you have one?

But just how much do you love it? Enough to get the best iPhone case available?

This high-quality magnetic ring iPhone case is slim, stylish, and shockproof.

Just check out these must-have features.

  • Super-slim design. How slim? One freaking millimeter! That’s almost nothing! But that one-millimeter sure packs a WOW.
  • You’d think something so slim wouldn’t absorb a ding let alone a fall, but this case will take whatever you throw at it.
  • Tempered glass. You know what that means—drop it, bang it, slam it… that glass isn’t breaking.
  • Stronger than traditional cases. Why? It’s made of TPU and PC. In other words, this case isn’t gonna snap, crack, or pop no matter what.
  • Built-in phone stand. The metal ring on the back of this case makes it easy to prop your phone up when you need to.
  • 360-degree protection. Reinforced edges ensure that your phone’s corners remain as protected as the rest of it.

We shell out tons of money for our phones, but then we protect them with inferior cases.

Break the cycle today and get an iPhone case that protects your phone while looking stylish.

It’s only a matter of time before you drop your phone. Waiting now means you’ll be too late later.

So don’t wait. Order this case today and get peace of mind as soon as tomorrow.

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iPhone 6 or 6S, iPhone 6 Plus or 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iphone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max


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