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Get natural looking eyelashes without compromise. Easy to use, easy to remove.

We’ve got a game changer.

Fake lashes are awesome, unless they look fake.

When that happens, you might as well throw them in the trash. Because no way are they going anywhere near your face.

Ditto if they make your eyes turn red. Which only happens, oh, all the time with fake lashes. It’s that freaking glue they give you. It stings.

But the most annoying thing about fake lashes? Drumroll please…

When they fall off. And it’s always at the worst times too. Like during a big meeting or while you’re eating soup. Talk about gross.

These magnetic lashes are non-irritating, totally natural looking, and will never, ever fall off even if you go skydiving.

Okay, you’ve gotta tell us. How the heck do magnetic eyelashes work anyway?

  • Magnetic eyeliner. Okay, there’s these tiny ultra-fine magnetic particles in the eyeliner. You apply the liner to your eyes just like any other eyeliner and give it a minute to dry.
  • Eyelash magnets. Now grab the lashes. There’s tiny magnets in them too. Put them together with your liner and they lock together like normal magnets. Neat huh?
  • Removal. You’ve probably already got makeup remover in your bag. If not, grab some coconut oil. That’ll work too.

So now that you know how they work, want to hear some other cool things about them? Because there’s plenty. Here goes.

  • No glue. You’re using magnets, remember? That means no glue has to touch your eye. It’s way easier, trust us.
  • Waterproof. We’re not just talking a light rain. We mean monsoons. Oh and by the way, waterproof translates to sweatproof. You’re welcome.
  • Hypoallergenic. You don’t want beautiful lashes but red eyes that make you look like you’ve been crying. We made sure these won’t irritate you.
  • Natural look. Forget lashes that make you look like you’ve been playing dress up. These will fool anyone, even up close.
  • Ultra-strong. They’re not gonna fall off no matter what. So dance, sail, aerobicize… They stick with you. Literally.

So easy to apply you could do it one-handed.

Get perfect lashes in two minutes flat. That’s way less time than it takes with those old-school lashes.

If you’re the kind of girly-girl whose makeup bags are so stuffed they’re about to pop, you know you want these lashes.

Order them now and get perfect lashes tomorrow.

All your girl friends will be jealous, and you’ll look amazing. What’s not to love?

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