Magnetic Glowing Charging Cable

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Item: Blue Cable + Plug

Blue Cable + Plug
Green Cable + Plug
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Plug Interface: iPhone

Micro USB
Type C
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Fast charging cable that's easy to find and use even in absolute dark

It took how long to charge your phone? You’re kidding us. All night phone charging is seriously old school. And not in a good way.

Okay, we won’t roll our eyes, we’ll just set you straight. Technology is like way, way more advanced than that right now. You need to catch up.

We know, we know. Those cables that claim to be fast chargers usually turn out to be mind-numbingly slow. And the cords they come with always get twisted.

You’re still thinking old school. We’re taking you to the future.

This magnetic charging cable is fast charging, lights up, and works with any kind of phone.

Check it out.

  • Lights up. Yeah, the charging cable actually lights up. It looks really cool and you can find it in the dark without having to fumble for it.
  • Fast charge. It shouldn’t take hours to charge your phone when it can take minutes. This gets you charged fast so you can get on with your day.
  • Magnetic. We’re talking ultra-strong magnetic connections here. Once the magnet gets a hold it doesn’t let go till you tell it to.
  • Universal. This pretty much works with every type of phone out there. Micro USB, Type-C, iPhone, or Android. If you’ve got it, this can charge it.
  • Affordable. Everyone’s got a phone, and everyone needs to charge it. We made sure you can actually afford to.
  • Durable. No twisting, crinkling, or breaking. This charging cable will probably last longer than your phone.

Easy to use.

Just because it glows doesn’t mean it’s complicated. Just plug it in and charge it up. It works like any other charger, it’s just cooler is all.

Order this magnetic charging cable and add an extra dash of cool to your everyday life.

You’re gonna charge anyway, you might as well do it with a charger you actually like.

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Blue Cable + Plug, Green Cable + Plug, Pink Cable + Plug, Only Plug

Plug Interface

iPhone, Micro USB, Type C