Magnetic Glasses Holder Pin

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Get ready to do your happy dance.

If you wear glasses, you know how easy it is to lose them. Sure, they usually turn up, but usually is the key word here. Sometimes they go and stay gone.

Oh, and sunglasses are the worst. Seriously. How many pairs have you left on the beach or at your favorite coffee shop?

We stopped counting a long time ago. And those sunglasses add up. If they were prescription sunglasses? Whew. That’s really gonna hurt.

This magnetic eyeglass pin holds your glasses so you can’t lose them and they’re always there when you need them.

And it does it without being an eyesore. Take a look.

  • Super strong magnet. Running for a cab? No worries. This magnetic pin doesn’t move unless you tell it too, so your eyeglasses stay in place.
  • Durable. Use it over and over again without worrying that it will break. It’s made to last for years, not days.
  • Snaps anywhere. Shirt sleeves, coat collar, bikini bottoms… you get the idea. This literally goes anywhere, so you can always have it with you.
  • More than glasses. Pens, ID cards, all those little things you carry around with you most days. They all work with this pin.
  • Sleek design. You don’t want something cumbersome hanging off your clothes all day. This is the size of a paperclip and just as slim.

Take it anywhere. It’s made to travel.

It’s lightweight and easy to move around. No one’s even gonna notice you’re wearing it unless you point it out.

Get this today and you’ll always have somewhere to hang your glasses.

Will the world end if you don’t get it? No. Will it make your life a little easier if you do? Yes. And we think making life easier is a good thing.

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