Magnetic Car Curtain

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Color: Gold


Curtain: Front Door- Left Window

Front Door- Left Window
Front Door- Right Window
Back Door- Left Window
Back Door- Right Window
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Want your car to be ten degrees cooler inside even in the dead of summer?

Yes, please.

Look, the sun is awesome. It’s just that it’s magical awesome powers can hurt us. Just a little. Think sunburns and heat stroke.

And yes, you can get sun burned in your car. Ever drive too long with the window down? Babies are especially sensitive to sunlight.

Even worse. Try coming back to your car after it’s been baking in the sun for an hour while you were grocery shopping. It’s like walking into fire.

These magnetic car curtains block the sun, don’t interfere with driving, and keep the inside of your car cool no matter the temperature outside.

Okay, we’re interested. Let’s hear more.

  • Foldable. Forget big, bulky window covers that take up way too much room. This folds up and stores easily so they’re not in your way.
  • Magnetic. Just press them to the iron frame around your window and let go. The magnets keep them in place till you’re done with them.
  • Normal use. These won’t stop your windows from working. Roll them up and down just like usual.
  • Block UV. Stop the sun from getting in while you’re driving or parked. Block UV rays and keep your family safe and cool.
  • Eco-friendly. There’s nothing in here that’s gonna hurt you or the environment. It’s made entirely from non-toxic eco-friendly materials.
  • Universal. Works with any kind of car, even trucks. Motorcyclists, sorry, you’re out of luck. But if you’ve got windows, you’re good to go.

Drive safe. Stay cool.

These won’t block your side mirrors or rearview mirror, so you can still see what’s happening around you.

If you love the sun but hate how hot it makes you, get these car curtains.

Order them today and you start blocking that warm, lovable, evil sun tomorrow.

Think how much better your drive will be when you can make it without breaking into a sweat.

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Front Door- Left Window, Front Door- Right Window, Back Door- Left Window, Back Door- Right Window