Magnetic iPhone and Samsung Case

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Size: For iPhone X

For iPhone X
For iPhone 7
For iPhone 8
For iPhone 7 Plus
For iPhone 8 Plus
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Indestruct™ is a luxury, magnetic absorption case which will protect your phone & have it looking amazing.
With our Indestruct™ case, you'll get 360 degree protection meaning your phone will stay protected. 
Indestructible Magnetic IPhone & Samsung Case
Unlike other cases that our made out of plastic, Indestruct™ is made from metal meaning it will last longer & can take more wear and tear than a regular plastic case.
Indestruct™ comes with a tempered glass front & back. This means its completely scratch resistant.
You'll never have to worry about losing service due to your case again because Indestruct™ has a special antenna hole so you can have perfect service all the time. 
Indestruct™ is a minimalistic case which supports wireless charging. No more having to take your case off to use your wireless charger. 
Our case is held together with strong magnets, meaning its very easy to put the case on and take it off but offers 360 protection.  
Now Indestruct™ is offered for both IPhones & Samsungs.
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For iPhone X, For iPhone 7, For iPhone 8, For iPhone 7 Plus, For iPhone 8 Plus