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Us girls love clothes that make us feel sexy. But sometimes those hit-the-town dresses are just uncomfortable.

There’s nothing worse than clubbing it in a too-tight dress that cuts off your air supply. Try dancing when you can’t breathe!

We found something that we think solves our girly dilemmas.

These velvet shorts are luxurious, comfortable, and sexy as hell.

Wear them to a club or just lounging around your home. You’ll look good no matter what you’re doing.

Take a peek at these amazing features.

  • Ultra-soft velvet. Stay comfortable all day. This velvet retains its softness no matter how many times you wash it.
  • Drawstring waist. Don’t worry about belts or too-loose pants that slide down to your knees by the end of the night. These shorts stay in place.
  • High-waisted. It’s kind of a sexy, retro look that’s trendy again. This high-waist elongates your form and is a natural tummy tucker.
  • Move with ease. These shorts won’t constrain you. Bend, twist, turn, dance… no inhibitions when you’re wearing these!
  • Multiple colors. Pick your favorite... or two or three. That way you can match any outfit.

If you want to look good but feel comfortable doing it, you need these shorts.

Seamlessly move from a day at home to a night on the town without having to change clothes, and without losing comfort.

Order these today and ditch the skinny jeans that stop you from breathing. You’ll look even sexier when you don’t pass out.

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