Luxury Magnetic Samsung Case

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Color: Black


Model: For Samsung S8

For Samsung S8
For Samsung S8 Plus
For Samsung Note 8
For Samsung S9
For Samsung S9 Plus
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Stay calm. Take a deep breath.

So you dropped your phone. It happens. A lot.

If you’re lucky, it made it through to the next round. Not so lucky, and you’re cursing yourself for having banana peels for fingertips.

Forget about luck. Let’s take it out of the equation altogether.

This magnetic phone case protects your phone from cracks, breaks, and its worst enemy—you.

Who would’ve thought something so awesome could be so small?

  • Tempered glass. Your screen is protected from top to bottom and side to side. No cracks allowed in.
  • 360-degree protection. This two-sided case protects every square inch of your phone, so nothing goes uncovered.
  • Magnetic. Don’t try to force your phone into a rubber bumper. This case uses magnets to lock it in place.
  • Slim. Forget bulky phone cases that take up a lot of room. This slim case slips easily in and out of your pocket.
  • Samsung. Okay, so this case won’t work with any phone, only the coolest phones. Got a Samsung? It will probably fit.

It’s about time that style met functional.

Keep your phone looking good while also keeping it safe.

Order this now, before your luck runs out. Because sooner or later it will.

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For Samsung S8, For Samsung S8 Plus, For Samsung Note 8, For Samsung S9, For Samsung S9 Plus