Fingerprint Padlock

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Please tell us this is a nightmare, because we’re ready to wake up now.

We just went to our gym locker and you know what was missing? Everything. Our money, jewelry, they even took our dirty socks. The sickos.  

You know what’s worse? We had a lock on there. Looks like they cut right through it. So much for its claims to be thief-proof.

Well, lesson learned. No more going to the gym. And traveling is out too.

Last year someone got into our suitcase at the airport and it was the same thing all over again. Except they got more clothes, more money, and more socks.

We’re fed up with it. Better to stay locked in your house.

Hold on a minute. Not so fast. We’ve got a lock that actually works like it claims to.

This TouchGuard padlock is totally indestructible, completely waterproof, and only opens with the touch of your fingerprint.

Holy cow that really does sound awesome. Okay, give us the details.

  • Fingerprint. Don't worry about forgetting your key or combination again. Unlock this in a few seconds with just your fingerprint.
  • Multiple users. Got family members you want to let in? Authorize their fingerprints and they can unlock it just as easily as you.
  • Superhero strong. There’s no way a thief can break this lock. Hammers, knives, saws… none of it will make a dent. It’s just that strong.
  • Pocket-size. Small enough to carry with you, tough enough to protect your belongings. It’s the best of both worlds.
  • Waterproof. Getting it wet won’t hurt this. Doesn’t matter if it’s a few drops or a whole river. It handles water, dust, and dirt like it’s not even there.
  • USB rechargeable. The fingerprint system uses Smart Technology, which means you’ve got to charge it up every now and again. Just plug it into any USB and you’re good. It’s fast and easy.

Protect suitcases, lockers, and backpacks simply and affordable.

Top notch locks don’t have to be complicated or cost a fortune.

This is high-quality stuff with simple instructions your grandparents can understand, and at a price that won’t churn your stomach.

Stop thinking and start ordering. Thieves are everywhere. Seriously. Everywhere.

Get this today and protect your family’s stuff tomorrow.

It’s a small price tag for your peace of mind.

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